Vintage Shopping in Paris

My favorite thing to do in Paris is shop for vintage, my two best stores are Free\’P\’Star and Coiffeur. Both shops are amazing and sell dresses for 10 euros and fur coats for as low as 30. Free’P’Star has two store in walking distance to each other, one is massive with rows and rows of stuff and you feel like you might faint in it is so crowded, the other is smaller with a little basement. We had so much fun in all of the stores trying on all the crazy clothes.

This is Coiffeur where I played dress up in this amazing 60’s dress, James wasn’t a fan but I bought it anyway.

This is Free’P’Star were James and I tried on fur coats (and I actual bought one). It is an amazing store and makes any London vintage store look rubbish, so if you happen to be in Paris anytime soon you should drop by.

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One Response to Vintage Shopping in Paris

  1. styleeast says:

    I’m definitely going to search these out next time I’m in paree (I say that like i go all the time, I’ve actually only been once ha ha!) x

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