His and Hers Halloween

So as a little Halloween treat I wanted to share some of the amazing costumes my friends and I came up with. Now in true American Halloween style we went a little less scary and a little more fun. Us ladies went as 1940’s pin-ups, and I now wish I could do my hair like this everyday.

The gorgeous Florence and Melissa wore Primark boys shirts (customised of course) sexy high waited shorts and stockings.

I wore my dads old shirt, American Apparel shorts, Ann Summers stockings (with the seam up the back) and my new Bertie shoes. Absolutely loved getting this dressed up, wouldn’t have been able to do it with out the girls teaching me how to use curling irons.

George, Riley and Paddy went as The Horrors but I much prepare George’s take that he was the “ghost of indie past”. They were all wearing Primark girls skinny black jeans and an array of clothes they managed to beg, borrow and steal. As well as some excellent make up courtesy of the lovely Florence.

And last but certainly not least we have Pete who took a slightly more traditional approach and went as a mommy, but not just any mommy a posh mommy. I always love a bow tie.

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