Postcards From Paris

Now I promise this is the last of my Paris posts, there was just so much I wanted to post about. I know this isn’t very style related but I just wanted to share some of my favorite pictures from the trip.

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Romance In Paris

Love was most definitely in the air in Paris, as you would expect. This couple was one if my favorite photo’s of the whole trip, they were so in love they couldn’t keep their hand off each other on that warm September evening.

There is a Bridge in Paris were people put padlocks with the names of themselves and their lovers, it is an amazing sight as there are hundreds of them. This is just one of the ones I saw.

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Style At Any Age

Only in Paris is it that even the older locals are impeccably dressed, so as well as catching photo’s of the cool young people I was constantly seeing stunning outfits on older Parisians. Now if only I could look that good at that age . . .

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Market to Market

One of the best things I found in Paris was the market just outside our hotel, they had amazing amounts of beautiful french furniture and antiques.

I actually bought this painting, I walked past it and fell in love with it walked around the rest of the market and by the time I got back I decided I had to have it. I know it’s a little odd but thats why it’s so cool.

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Good Style Comes In Twos

I saw so many people who looked awesome in Paris I am finding it really hard to stop uploading all the street style pictures I took. These are all the pair’s I saw looking terribly chic around Paris.

These Parisian women were walking around the Notre Dame on a sunny Saturday, I love the flowing silk blouse with those leather shorts.

This picture I sneakily snapped as they were having there photo taken outside the Louvre, they look so sweet and stylish together.

This is one of my favourite photo’s of my entire trip, I spotted these two girls from the other side of the street, but I had put my camera away and couldn’t get a photo of their front in time. I still love it anyway, and that they are both wearing boots with socks and I don’t think they even new each other, it must be a trend in Paris.

Now I like to believe these ladies were models, they looked so chic and so Parisian sitting outside a styling cafe just off the Champs-Élysées.

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The Boys Of Paris

And these are the boys of Paris, I love how well men dress there!

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The Girls of Paris

I did a lot of street spotting in Paris, this is the best of the ladies;

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